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Your Trusted & Reliable Credit Company

With branches in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, we are a licensed credit company approved by KPKT. We offer flexible loan packages tailored to meet your financial goals by providing fast and easy online approval, with funds reaching your accounts immediately upon approval.

Our application process is free, confidential, transparent and time-saving. Apply now, or get in touch with our professional consultants for a free consultation.

Stay in control your finances, Strengthen your financial position today!


Our Customer
I'm thankful to BondfordCredit and their professional team for helping me turn my ambitions into a reality. They provided me with the seed capital I needed to successfully launch my ideas and grow my business. It is not easy to secure funds for new ventures. BonfordCredit’s team is appreciative of start-ups and SME’s needs. They provided the flexible business loans with a most convenient terms that allowed me to fund and grow my start-up.
Miss Valerie
Founder, CTO

Simple Loan Process

We made the loan process simple, secure, confidential, transparent, online and time-saving. Approvals of loans are speedy in order to create a hassle-free way to meet your financial need.

Choose Loan Amount

Select your preferred loan amount. Set the repayment terms to suit your needs.

Provide Documents

Prepare the necessary documents to be presented for verification.

Loan Approval

Our loan specialist will review the documents you submitted. You will receive a personalized loan offer tailored to your financial position.

Get Your Money

Once the loan is approved, your money will be transferred to your account within minutes, depending on your bank.